It’s a Card!  It’s a Gift Accessory! 

It’s Cheers with Charm!


We’ve all scoured the card racks looking for the perfect cardreading, groaning, rolling our eyes, and sometimes chuckling at ones we’d like to give but wouldn’t dare (family harmony trumps cheap thrills).  Ever settle on a ho-hum card just so you could escape and tend to more pressing matters — like feeding the goldfish? 

Enter—Cheers with Charm!  It’s a card and a gift accessory rolled into one.


The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pierre Corneille

Each card, written as a toast or greeting, is voted on by a group of opinionated (a.k.a. bossy) men and women who have also experienced CSD — Card Shopping Dread.  This is a tough crowd, and they don’t let just any greeting get printed.  They’re in your corner!  Thanks to them, Cheers with Charm cards are easy on the eyes and on you standards.

Even better, you can skip the gift bag or wrap!  The Cheers with Charm product is part card and part gift presentation, ensuring that your gift will be well dressed for any occasion.

Basically, it’s a card with an attitude. A very nice attitude.



Cards come in two sizes and each includes:

  • A chain and a charm to complement the occasion. 
  • A handcrafted wax seal for closing the card.



Our newest line, Pop-of-Color, has a clasp so the chain can be attached to nearly any gift and adjusted for size.