Wear & Care Pledge

Remember, all our charms are each individually handmade with . To enjoy your charms for as long as possible, we recommend you actively participate in our Wear & Care Pledge:

I pledge...

    • to treat my Cheers with Charm purchase with love & affection. Just like any accessory, I promise to rock it - keeping in mind normal day-to-day wear and tear can cause damage.
    • to handle with care. Avoid hard impact, any type of constant scratching or scraping because the beads, charms, wire and magnets are fragile & can break.
    • to polish. All our charms are made with real, high-quality metals & it is possible they will naturally begin to tarnish over time. To keep your charms shiny & new, give a little TLC by gently polishing with a jewelry cloth.
    • to remove before putting in the dishwasher.

...& finally, to show my Cheers with Charm accessories to everyone I know!